Top 50MPG Cars

Consumers seeking highly fuel efficient vehicles commonly turn to 50MPG cars.  At this time, there really is only a very small group of 50MPG to choose from; in time, as carmakers look to improve upon the fuel efficiency of vehicles, more 50MPG cars may become available. 

These cars are often hybrid plug in options or hybrids relying on a system that utilizes a combination of gas operated and electric powered motors.

About 50MPG Cars

The only gas operated/electric hybrid falling into the category of 50MPG cars right now is the Toyota Prius.  This hybrid is one of the most popular offerings in the automotive industry to date.  The Honda Insight comes in at a close second by offering 52 miles per gallon combined, but separately the vehicle offers a bit less on the highway and in the city.  The amount of fuel efficiency one derives from a vehicle clearly depends on where the vehicle is driven and if the driver encounters a lot of stop and go traffic.  In heavy traffic conditions vehicles tend to use more fuel.

There are electric cars now that offer more efficiency than the cars that fall into the 50MPG cars category as well.  These cars include the electric operated Nissan Leaf and the electric operated Chevrolet Volt.  Both of the latter vehicles are electric, hybrid plug in offerings that require some charge time before they can be used.  The downside of electric hybrids is that they will have to be regularly recharged before use, sometimes for four to ten hours or more.

50MPG Cars Or Better

Toyota Prius

For an MSRP of roughly 23050.00 you can get the Toyota Prius.  Interior cloth colors offered include Bisque, dark gray and misty gray.  The exterior of the vehicle is offered in Winter Gray Metallic, Sandy Beach Metallic, Classic Silver Metallic, Blue Ribbon Metallic, Blizzard Pearl, Black, and Barcelona Red.  The Toyota Prius has a number of power amenities including windows, mirrors, and door locks.  The vehicle also sports conveniences like steering wheel mounted audio controls, tilt and telescopic steering, 12V outlets, electric power steering, seatback storage on the front seat, an overhead console, front door pockets, and cup holders.  The 2011 Prius is a hybrid offering with dual illuminated vanity mirrors, simulated alloy trim, front reading lights, an entertainment system, an external temp display, a trip computer, four speakers, and more.  It is equipped with a 1.8 Liter engine, a DOHC, variable valve timing, and a hybrid base engine.  It comes fitted with FWD and a CVT.  Among the very few 50 MPG cars available, this vehicle gets 48 miles per gallon in the city, and 51 miles per gallon on the highway.  For more details visit

2011Insight by Honda

Honda Insights fall into the 50MPG cars category because they offer a combined fuel economy equaling 52 miles per gallon.  They operate off of regular unleaded fuel.  This vehicle has been found to offer optimal gas mileage in 20 percent stop and go driving conditions and 80 percent on the highway conditions.  The Insight has one of the lowest MSRP’s to date at $18200.00.   The five year cost of ownership is estimated at just over $29600.00.  The base configuration of the Insight comes with things like a rear window wiper, a rear defogger, intermittent wipers, full wheel covers, all season tires, fifteen inch wheels, front wheel drive, an SOHC with a 1.3 Liter inline 4 motor, variable valve timing, an a base hybrid engine. Features for safety include things like traction control, rear drum brakes, ventilated front brakes, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, rear height adjustable headrests, rear door child safety locks, rear center three point belts, head restraints, airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, an engine immobilizer, emergency brakes, electronic brake force distribution, daytime running lights, child seat anchors, four wheel antilock brakes, and more.  For more information visit

More 50MPG Cars Or Better

2011 Volt by Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Volt is a car that supersedes the 50mpg cars class.  It has a 16kWHr battery, a continuously variable transmission,, and it sports a 111 kW battery.  It also houses a 1.4 Liter engine.  The MSRP assigned to the Volt is $40300.00.  This vehicle is an electric vehicle getting 93 miles per gallon combined.  If you want to cover 25 miles with this  vehicle it will only cost you $.99 when powered by the electric motor; when converted over to the gas engine it costs $2.72 to cover the same distance.  It takes roughly $34.00 to fill the tank on the 2011 Volt.  Safety features in the affordable Volt include things like turn signals in the mirrors, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, stolen vehicle tracking, stability control, remote antitheft alarm, adjustable headrests, rear door child safety locks, post collision safety system, airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, ventilated disc brakes in the front of the vehicle, an engine immobilizer, emergency service, electronic brake force distribution, dusk sensing headlamps, daytime running lights, child seat anchors, four wheel antilock brakes, and more.  For more information visit

2011 Leaf by Nissan

The 2011 Leaf by Nissan is another vehicle getting superb gas mileage; it offers 99 miles per gallon combined, and you can cover 25 miles by spending all of $.94.  This vehicle gets a greater range than the Volt and covers about 73 miles on a charge.  To operate the vehicle it costs about $550.00 a year.  The true cost to own this vehicle for a five year period is right around $35360.00.    This vehicle gets an MSRP of right around $32800.00.  Safety features in the Leaf are impeccable too; you get turn signal mirrors, traction control, tire pressure indicators, stolen vehicle tracking, stability control, a remote antitheft alarm, adjustable headrests, child safety locks in the rear, post collision safety features, airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, front/rear ventilated disc brakes, an engine immobilizer, emergency services, emergency brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, dusk sensing headlamps, daytime running lights, child seat anchors, auto delay off headlamps, four wheel antilock brakes, and more.  For more information visit